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Pledge is a music company run by music people. Between the team at Pledge HQ, we have written and released 11 records, played a frightening number of shows, managed bands, signed hundreds of acts who sold millions of records, marketed and developed big bands who had big hits, and little bands who should have had big hits. There’s a high end / full spec studio at the bottom of our stairs, we can talk to you about pinch harmonics, soap-bars versus humbuckers, Louis Armstrong’s informative years, Estelle’s early demos, or Thomas Dolby’s synth sounds. Pledge is not a faceless fund, or a monstrous social networking system, its a music site that collaborates modern online marketing and old school music biz know how. It also provides the option for bands to make a charitable donation because we feel music is about giving as well as making, taking, sharing and listening.

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