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Plural is a collaborative art and design practice. Focused on a process of research and experimentation, Plural collaborates on meaningful projects in art, design, interaction, installation, music, new media, and technology.

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  1. Sonnenzimmer
  2. Shannon Benine
  3. Veronica Corzo-Duchardt
  4. MAS Studio
  5. Alicia Eggert
  6. Leonardo Da Urbino
  7. Hester Barnard
  8. Ryan Fitzgibbon
  9. Charles Adler
  10. Jessica Hische
  11. Print
  12. Friends of Graphic Design
  13. J Pobojewski
  14. Ben Deter
  15. Bud Rodecker
  16. Margot Harrington
  17. Firebelly Design
  18. Joseph Delhommer

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