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  1. Momentum Worldwide

    Momentum Worldwide Plus Berlin


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    MOMENTUM is a non-profit global platform for time-based art, with headquarters in Berlin. Through our program of Exhibitions, Kunst Salons, Public Video Art Initiatives, Residencies, and Collection, we are dedicated to providing a platform for exceptional artists working with time-based practices. The…

  2. noriko matsumoto

    noriko matsumoto


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  3. Hasib Amanullah
  4. LPS-Lasersysteme

    LPS-Lasersysteme Ofterdingen, Germany


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    As one of the worldwide leading producers and suppliers of show laser systems for each demand, individual laser shows and one of the best pro laser show software, we have been developing and manufacturing these premium systems in Germany since 1993. Als einer der führenden Anbieter und Hersteller…

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