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Pocko was founded in 1999 in London by Nicola Schwartz. Thanks to original ideas and projects it has rapidly become an internationally known company working with contemporary artists and with forward thinking brands.

Pocko’s first ground-breaking initiative was the Pocko Collection, a series of pocket size books composed by different artists which were forerunners of combining publishing with brand communication and which received an overwhelming worldwide recognition by the press and consumers alike.

Pocko’s gift has been in its ability to identify young undiscovered talents and to jointly develop, in a team format, highly original and exciting projects ranging from exhibitions to publishing programs, from unconventional marketing strategies to communication and advertising campaigns.

Pocko has so far succeeded in the complex task of identifying with the clients, their specific objectives and needs while developing brand experiences ranging from communication to product development.

Pocko has three main fields of operations:
Publishing: Pocko Editions
Web community: Pockoville
Communication Agency: Pocko People

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