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The Little Friars and Sisters V.V. (Volantini Verdi = Green Fliers) of Jesus and Mary are a religious community of poor brothers and sisters, inserted into the diocesan list of Caltanissetta as an INSTITUTE OF CONSACRATED LIFE, through Episcopal Decree of the Bishop, Monsignor Mario Russotto, on the 1st of May 2008.

Their charisma, other than the contemplation, is that of sending souls to the Catholic Sacraments, through the Evangelization along the streets of the world, living with the spirit of the first Carmelites and the first Franciscans in total poverty and simplicity, without ever touching money (not that it be bad to touch it, given that also the Apostles had a safekeeping), but because like the first Apostles we don’t become distracted from the Prayer and the Preaching (Cf. Ac 6, 2-4).

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