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Popular Computer™ is Sylvain Dalido from Paris, France. His track I Can't Forget You caught the attention of Tiefschwarz (Misch Masch). The single was subsequently released by Kitsuné as a 12" single and featured on the Kitsuné Fur compilation. Popular Computer became one of the original Kitsuné artists. Darling and Clone Age were featured on the Kitsuné X and debut Kitsuné Maison compilations, respectively. Next Level Pope appearing on the 2nd Maison compilation in 2006. It gained further exposure through a wide range of unique, remix work [New Young Pony Club, Mylo, Hot Chip, Pacific!, The Whip & Shinichi Osawa etc.] In 2008, released the Lost and Found EP and Senso Data album to critical acclaim and included the single Girl(S). A second album called LiTE, is out and it has been preceded by the single Lointain, and the second one Pop Heart. An album of songs, bonus and unpublished tracks from the Kitsuné period, called "First Level 2004/2007"will be out, 17th november 2012.

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