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São Paulo, Brazil

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Assist in self-transformation of businesses and individuals, trust, speak well of people, sincerity, authenticity, strategy, integration, intelligence, honesty, spirituality, holism, overview and appreciation of the environment, valuing human life. Finally, sustainable values, based on the concept "Speak Well".

Reputation is something that everyone needs, but not everyone understands. While the market offers methods and tools so confused and superficial, the Pórthia repositions brands, reputation building from the Inside Out. So that works with major changes and actions aligned in the real essence of the brand.

1 - Guiding CEOs, executives and directors about their true personal missions and align them with the mission of the companies they manage;
2 - Assist in the process of self-transformation of beliefs or habits harmful to personal and business reputation of the brand and bring the true mission of the company with good business practices that leave positive legacy for humankind;
3 - Work in Brand Reputation management effectively;
4 - Activating Brands through the "Speak Well". Concept that enables us to help companies in positioning their brands in relation to the true essence and avoids any possibility of false communication, masked or superficial.

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