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Scott Stevens
Producer/Director of Photography
Scott Stevens graduated from the College of Santa Fe in 2000 with a degree in
the Moving Image Arts. The film school is a part of the Greer Garson sound stages
which attracts major motion pictures where Scott was able to work on big budget
films such as High Lo Country, All the Pretty Horses, and Wild, Wild West before even
graduating. Upon Graduation his connections with professionals in the industry that
he met during these productions landed him professional work almost immediately.
He went from PA to Camera Assistant on his first feature, The Tao of Steve. From there
he was consistently employed as an AC on big budget commercials for companies
such as Toyota, Chevy, Schweps, Applebees, and many more, working with some of the
biggest ad agencies and motion picture professionals in the country. During this time
Scott worked with Joe Pytka of Pytka Productions assisting him on the Philip Morris
Youth Smoking Prevention Campaign. From there Scott advanced to Director of
Photography shooting short films, commercials, PSA’s and documentaries.
In 2002 Scott co-founded Globeville Studios in Denver where he continued as
Director of Photography and Head of Production. During this period Scott garnered
clients such as Lucent Technologies, Starz Encore, John Sayles and his Silver City
Feature, the W.H.O., World Vision, Gambro, Harvard Medical School, Feed The Children,
Pfizer, Eli Lilly, 5280 Magazine , the City and County of Denver and more. As Head of
Production for Globeville Studios Scott wore many hats and became an expert Final Cut
Pro editor in the process of running production through the studio and handling the
major aspects of post production and editing for these clients. As the primary editor
at Globeville Studios he completed many successful projects for the afore mentioned
clients . Scott is proficient in Final Cut Pro and has a good working knowledge of After
effects and Motion and has used most professional editing software and cameras
from 35mm film to DV. Scott has produced and edited motion pictures in China,
Germany, Switzerland, South Korea, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico and the
U.S. The level of production that Scott has been involved with has given him the
opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in the industry like Allen Daviau,
John Sayles, Haskel Wexler, Anghel Decca, Joe Pytka, Richard Dreyfuss, Darryl Hannah,
Chris Cooper, Tim Roth, Maria Bello, Billy Zane and many more. Projects currently in
distribution that include editing and cinematography by Scott Stevens include
“Sprawling From Grace” a documentary and “Spotless” a theatrical feature film. Scott Is
now in Boston working as an Editor and Director of Photography.

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