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Lamborghini Miami is a division of Prestige Imports, and has cemented its reputation as the premier Lamborghini dealership in the nation. Embracing the traditional ideals of Prestige Imports that were established over 35 years ago while incorporating an innovative edge has been the key for success for the dealership ensuring on going success for the future.

Lamborghini Miami proudly offers a vast selection of new and hand selected pre-owned inventory more than any other dealer in the country. We pride ourselves on excellence offering the utmost quality of service for our customers with sales, service and parts.

Our team of knowledgeable automotive experts all share a passion for exotic vehicles and are focused on establishing and maintaining a strong relationship with all of our clients. We have established a strong reputation in the automotive industry for superior customer service, making sure that all of our customers are 100% satisfied with their vehicle purchases.

This sight is dedicated to the AU79 Project including our featured film of the AU79 coming soon!

Since launching the Sharpie car, Prestige Imports is now introducing a captivating twist to one of the newest exotics from the Lamborghini family and now undeniably one of its kind, the AU79 Lamborghini Aventador.

The AU79 model was unveiled at our monthly Exotics and Espresso event on June 16, 2012. Exotics and Espressos are for car lovers who enjoy meeting new people that have one major thing in common, exotic cars. This event takes place every 3rd Saturday of the month.

Inspiration for the AU79 project came from one of the most valued element in the market today, gold. Taking the name AU79 from the periodic table name for gold was an uncompromising fit. As the two combine, you have a true piece of performing art which becomes a harmonic synergy, gold and Lamborghinis.

With a powerful V12 engine the Lamborghini Aventador reaches speeds of 217 mph, given the subsequent advent of the 700 horse powers. The exaggerated lines alone give the car style that Lamborghini is known for, the gold adds a majestic allure that has eyes gravitating to the radiance of this exquisite automobile.

For an average car to be wrapped it normally takes 20 to 30 hours however this is clearly not average, the gold you see is a special foil exclusively designed for Prestige Imports. Between the vehicle disassembly and the final reassembly this vehicle was transformed from white to the now AU79 which took 70 lucrative days. AU79 was meticulously completed by the team at Auto SuperSheild in Boca Raton, FL.

At Prestige Imports Lamborghini Miami we are always thinking of the next cutting edge project and go beyond expectations that will set off the industry. Circling around the AU79 will be a short scripted film that will bring promoting and advertising of the AU79 to a whole new level. This video will represent the car in a cutting edge and innovative way and will be brought to you by the recent collaboration between Prestige Imports and Cinemotive. Making an impact in a creative way is what makes Prestige Imports stay one step a head of the rest and keep true to our name. Take the opportunity to see our vision of what everyone wants to get their hands on, The AU79.

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