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MÉXICO, 1982

Mexican performance artist formed with Theatre company Teatro Lína de Sombra (Mexico). He has collaborated with AKHE group (Russia) and Teatr Cinema (Poland). He has taken workshops with Roger Bernat (Spain), The Erasers (Greece) and Ricardo Diaz (Mexico). He has worked with Mexican directors Hector Bourges and Ruben Ortiz.

Currently an actor in the play AMARILLO and ARTICLE 13, co-production between Teatro Linea de Sombra and Cie. Carabosse (France).

He has created several AV PERFORMANCE since 2010. He is interested in developing new languages and forms of expression.

For the year 2013 will hold a new creation with the French group Komplex Kapharnaüm to be released in the International Festival of Contemporary Scene TRANSVERSALES in July.

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