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Primo is a playful physical interface that helps children aged 4 to 7 to understand basic programming logic, without the need for literacy. No screens or computers are involved, everything happens using colours and basic shapes, to create a magic playing experience.

Primo is a play set that lets children control a little robot called Cubetto, that got lost and is trying to find his way home. The only way to help the robot, is by giving him the right sequence of instructions. Creating these basic algorithms, children get familiar with the “queue”, learning the logical foundations necessary for complex programming later on in life.

A big part of our life is today ruled by software. Music, photos, transportations, banks, hospitals just to name a few. We are finally realizing how learning science and technology in the early stages of education has become crucial, for this reason most of the actual curriculums already include coding and logic fundamentals from an early stage. Primo is designed to help children to develop cognitive skills, spatial awareness and social communication, using natural materials and primary colors. Our challenge is to avoid any screen or visible technology, to fulfill the young users’ playing expectations.

At we make interconnected hardware and software products to facilitate early learning experiences. Primo is our first product and it will be on Kickstarter AW2013.

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