Priscilla Rodrigues Gonçalves

Santos - São Paulo - Brasil

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I started my career when I was 19 years old singing in a duet, trio, quartet and band in events, weddings, parties, celebrations, dinners, discos, bars, theaters all around cities on Santos Bay and São Paulo state.
In 2005, I became a part of an important Choir named Zanzalá, known in the Southeast of Brazil formed by 60 singers (three times winner of the National Event named “Mapa Cultural”), which I kept singing until December 2011.
In 2007, I became a singer of the Choir Baccarelli for wedding ceremonies, which is part of the famous institute “Instituto Baccarelli” that helps poor children from São Paulo favelas to learn music, play instruments and sing.
I participated in musicals for kids “Sítio do Pica-Pau Amarelo” (Yellow woodpecker´s farm) and “Casa de brinquedos” (Toys´ House).
From 2008 to 2011 I travelled to other state in Brazil every July, named Minas Gerais, to participate of the Choir´s Laboratory to improve my singing and drama techniques.
On November 2009, I embarked for the 1st time to be a singer onboard MSC Ship Cruises, where I began my career onboard and lasts until now.


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