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Have you ever found yourself surrounded by an army of plastic soldiers, swam in a bath tub filled with dolphins or lived in an underground cave bed? Well, I have and I still do. That’s what it takes to create this magic for everyone else to see.

As with most parents, the phrase “Why don’t you get a proper job” always rang around my house. They had no idea how well I could imagine, how much of a ‘wonderland’ I lived in. But today, these two things have helped me proliferate a multitude of characters and stories along the years. Some die, others are shelved, but the special ones have always stood the test of time. These are the ones born in the moments of happiness.

How did I fall into this world of concocted characters living in illusionary lands? Well, it was absolutely accidental. I was in my clay modeling class making a Michelangelo inspired sculpture, when suddenly this man appeared and asked me,“what are you good at?” He threw me a lump of clay, with which I effortlessly gave birth to a new character.

And thereon my journey began.

I started bunking classes to go to an animation studio and learn about this world of make-believe. I acted like a fool in front of mirrors to learn expressions. It was fun realizing a character through oneself. And I knew this was where I always belonged.

Five years later, I was fortunate to be part of a brand new venture that came to be known as Thinxworks Pictures Private Limited. With several intellectual properties already under our belt, every day at work is a dizzying roller coaster ride through scripts, characters and figments of my imagination.

It’s hard to remember every dream unless you can bring it to life

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