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For more than a decade, April helped launch and produce nationally syndicated shows such as Daytime, Star Watch, and the Reel Animals Fishing Show, all currently running on various cable networks.

In addition, April has been integral in aligning support for key show initiatives among national and affiliate ad sales.
Partnering with companies such as Southern Living, Walt Disney World and many more.
She is experienced in developing fully integrated media plans for new business and the brand extensions of each show.

As a veteran television producer and feature reporter, April has had the opportunity to interview top A-list athletes, fly in a F-16 fighter jet, dine with Micheline star Chefs and conduct one on one celebrity interviews with Harrison Ford, Robin Williams, Morgan Freeman, Nicole Kidman, James Cameron, Michael Caine, Liam Neeson, Bette Middler, Hilary Swank, Susan Sarandon, Faith Hill and Jerry Bruckheimer (and many more…).

With an intense travel addiction, she has shot, edited and hosted travel features from Beijing, China to Amalfi Coast, Italy.

April continues to expand her role by working closely with individuals on defining their media look, talent and brand in creating new opportunities in the marketplace.

She also consults with individuals, corporations and non-profits and show producers about branding, pilots, video and web series.

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