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Marketing - Writing - Business Development Consulting - all delivered in a way that will knock you and your clients out!

There is nothing more satisfying than empowering our clients, partnering with them to build their brand and their business through customized strategies and solutions allows us to help get them moving in the right direction. We believe that working with us should be fun and exciting and focused on your results. Coming from a win-win situation provides the clarity that then allows profits to follow.

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  1. How in the settings can you add a video to a portfolio? Seems to me it shouldn't be this hard!
  2. Sorry for the trouble, Leslie. You can add videos to your Portfolio within its settings page.
  3. You should password protect it, and then share with them the link to the video and the password for it.
  4. What's the easiest way to share a video with a private setting if the person you are sharing with is not already a vimeo user?
  5. Hi Melanie, you do not have a PRO account so the issue at hand does not apply to you as you do not have portfolios. Can you please describe what your specific issue is, i'd be happy to help you.
  6. I"ve been using this for years and I agree completely. Your private video settings SUCK. They are not user friendly at all. I have kids with minors in a video that I want to share with their parents. They've joined, I've tried to follow...this is…
  7. Okay, cheers!
  8. I got it! I kept looking and trying every button and finally found it... 2 hours wasted, but I got it...thanks!