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The Progress Film Company - or Progress for short - was founded in 2010 by filmmakers Matt Hopkins and Ben Lankester. Since then (and it feels like a long time ago) we have grown from a small team into a structured, all-purpose production company.

We have won awards for our work - from controversial documentaries to evocative music videos - and have established a flourishing roster of clients that continues to grow day by day. We have been told our style is unmistakably 'Progress', adding a filmic identity to even the simplest of jobs.

At Progress, perhaps contradictorily, we pride ourselves on both our painstaking aesthetic as well as our prolificacy; over the past three years we have produced over a thousand films for our client base, almost always at the expense of our social lives.

We have made documentary series, charity films and fashion promos; we have travelled worldwide working for elite hotels in the travel sector; we have a corporate showreel featuring some of the leading names in finance and computing; we have established ourselves as the sole content provider for two of the biggest publishing houses in the UK; we have crewed and delivered projects for top UK broadcasters; we have a brand new animation department led by some of the most exciting visual effects artists working on the south coast; we have not slept in over three years...

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