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  1. HD Webisodes

    by Bram Van der Hallen joined

    1,841 Videos / 402 Members

    'HD Webisodes' is a group for creators of HD web episodes. A webisode is simply a web episode – collectively it is part of a web series, a form of new media that characteristically…

  2. Canon 7D Movie Group

    by Chris Diana-Peebles Futro Media joined

    208 Videos / 70 Members

    We are all about videos from Canon's awesome 7D DSLR. No rules for type of content, lets just share great art and our passion for the process!

  3. Canon 7d

    by FAR from EARTH Films joined

    147 Videos / 67 Members

    Shoot it on the 7D. tell us about the lens you used and what you did to make it look so cool!! www.ffefilms.com www.slamstock.com

  4. Canon 7D Cinema Look

    by Daniel Freytag joined

    315 Videos / 147 Members

    All Videos made with 7D having a Cinema Look

  5. Canon EOS 7D Channel

    by vimeo joined

    387 Videos / 94 Members

  6. Canon 5D & 7D Timelapse

    by M1 Interactive joined

    361 Videos / 241 Members

    Timelapse shots using the Canon 5D & 7D.

  7. HDSLR

    by Liam Finn joined

    864 Videos / 199 Members

    A community of HDSLR users sharing all things HDSLR.

  8. Lenses

    by OJeeJ.com joined

    1,098 Videos / 679 Members

    Please add videos with details & tech info( lenses, camera used,...)


    by Liam Finn joined

    606 Videos / 155 Members

    A community of HDSLR users sharing all things HDSLR.

  10. canon 7d

    by andrew joined

    764 Videos / 218 Members


  11. Canon EOS 7D shorts & documentaries

    by Jonas Schneider joined

    679 Videos / 247 Members

    A place to discover great short films and documentaries shot with the Canon EOS 7D camera and to share your own creations with other camera geeks!

  12. HDSLR Filmmaking

    by RollingShutter Films joined

    9,094 Videos / 3,218 Members

    Group dedicated to producing and showcasing films shot on HDSLR Cameras. Brought to you by http://rollingshutter-films.com

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