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Provoke Films was founded in 2008 by Luis P.S. Liu, Ming Fei Liu and Ciro Ayala. The company creates innovative and unique film productions for the global market of arts and entertainment, specializing primarily on Films, Music Videos, and CGI.
We strive to create fresh, innovative and unique productions that tell a good story and leave a message.

On April 2013, Provoke Films' "BLACK ERA - COURT OF THE ANTS" Fashion Film is Officially Selected for the "2013 La Jolla Fashion Film Festival" in USA.

On January 2013, Provoke Films' "BLACK ERA - COURT OF THE ANTS" Fashion Film became finalist of IUFF Festival based in Milan, and was screened for one week in the two main city squares in Milan, in Milan Fair and two days in Teatro Franco Parenti during Milan Fashion Week.

On August 2011, four of Provoke Films' music videos have been recognized as BEST ANIMATION MATERIAL by AUTODESK Inc. for SIGGRAPH 2011: "VOYEUR" MV, "NOTHING ELSE MATTERS" MV, "IT'S A LOVING THING" MV and "LIBERATE" MV.

On April 2011, Provoke Films' SO LONG RADIO and Paul Oakenfold's FIREFLY music videos have been chosen by AUTODESK Inc. as 2011 THE BEST OF THE BEST VFX POST-PRODUCTION.

On March 2009, Provoke Films' first music video, "Think About You", was nominated for an Asia Voice Independent Music Award in the category of Most Mind Blowing Music Video.

On April 2009, Provoke Films was the only foreign company located in Taipei to be selected representing Asia at the Las Vegas' National Association of Broadcaster Event in 2009, in the categories of VFX and Animation.

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