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Performance Space 122 provides incomparable experiences for audiences by presenting and commissioning artists whose work challenges boundaries of live performance. PS122 is dedicated to supporting the creative risks taken by artists from diverse genres, cultures and perspectives. We are an innovative local, national and international leader in contemporary performance.

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  1. Nicholas Croft
  2. Sam Lavigne
  3. Wild Torus
  4. Tachyphylaxis
  5. John Wyszniewski
  6. Leah Boatright
  7. niall d
  8. Alex Mikeladze
  9. Alex Mallis
  10. Zox Films
  11. Park Avenue Armory
  12. Mary Fê
  13. les débutantes
  14. xinan ran
  15. NIC Kay
  16. Shuangshuang Huo
  17. remi harris
  18. Geoff Shelton

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