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  1. Video Glitch

    by SilverlagE joined

    1,093 Videos / 583 Members

    Please contribute any original video that you created such as video, video trash, video that is a mistake, video that skips, broken video, corrupted video, glitch video, pixelated video, distorted,…

  2. Division Pixel - VJ Group

    by Division Pixel joined

    1,118 Videos / 376 Members

    Partagez vos travaux, vidéos de soirées.... Tout ce qui concerne le VJing et les performances visuelles, le monde du multimédia. Post here your works, videos from gigs ...…

  3. electronica visual

    by Giacomo De Luca joined

    2,487 Videos / 768 Members

  4. Nude Performance Art, Dance and Video: EROART

    by Frank Moore joined

    8,622 Videos / 10.9K Members

    THE EROART GROUP IS FOR VIDEOS CONTAINING NUDITY AND EROTICISM. I wrote the below manifesto before the internet, before people like Annie Sprinkle reclaimed the word “porn” for life…

  5. Music Videos HD

    by Aaron Gentry joined

    2,725 Videos / 915 Members


    by Culture Shock joined

    15 Videos / 145 Members

    Culture Shock and Vimeo are proud to present PROJECTiON, a curated series of contemporary moving image digital artworks selected from Vimeo.com which were screened at VOLTA NY from March 3-6, 2011.…

  7. get addicted to ...

    by get addicted to ... joined

    322 Videos / 135 Members

    DAILY MIX OF CREATIVE CULTURE Please join + add screencasts of projects (apps, art, design, photography, skate, snow, surf, poetry, storytelling, film, music, and technology) you are working on/using…

  8. The Digital Media Solution Group

    by The Digital Media Solution joined

    4 Videos / 28 Members

    A group focused on The Digital Media Solution, audio, video, animation, and sharing tips and advice.

  9. UdK Berlin

    by Eugen Braeunig joined

    29 Videos / 21 Members

    Universität der Künste Berlin University of the Arts Berlin --- Works by students of the UdK Berlin

  10. Media Arts Channel Group

    by Mark Gould joined

    1,766 Videos / 675 Members

    The Media Arts channel is a moderated, curated group featuring a selection of the most creative work being produced in the areas of media art, moving image, experimental video, and other kinds of…

  11. International Experimental Film Group

    by Mason Shefa joined

    1,678 Videos / 880 Members

    A group for experimental filmmakers to get together and share from all parts of the world. This group is connected to the Experimental Film Discussion Group on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_178216555569455&ap=1 This…

  12. VJ Mix

    by Prashant Yashpal joined

    1,645 Videos / 405 Members

    A collection of video/visual mixes, from around the world....

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