Salzburg, Austria

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publicubes: moments' is a non-commercial collaborative project and needs your 30-60s recordings of everyday moments to participate in an ongoing interactive media art installation.

There are several analogous projects concerning the topic of moments or everyday life. This one combines the both topics and finally will bring your clip back to what we call public space.

No rules, only a few hints:
- movie length : 30-60 seconds
- framing: try to concentrate on one detail, e.g. raindrops in a puddle of water
- no big camera movements, pans or zooms …
- no sound editing
- the video will finally be cut into a square, meaning we will cut a part on the left and right, note that while recording.
- submit as many clips as you like
- add a tag 'publicubes'
- add to the 'publicubes' group:
- submit your video url to

Detailed information about the project and participation:

First public presentation: 12th-14th of November at Salzburg Main Station, Austria

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