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Melding intercontinental sounds and instruments like the Cellotaur into an audio-visual feast, the band PULSE offers an expansive experience of original and familiar music, set in a retro-futuristic nether-realm... a new concept of total art performance.

PULSE first performed at the Fringe in the summer of 2010, and with careful nurturing from Martin Johann Kloppers it has grown into a group unlike any other. Handcrafted instruments such as the skeleton-like Cellotaur and the huge Global drums set the scene for haunting vocals and compelling performances, creating a fantastical realm for the mix of original music and unique covers.

"The perspective that music is a living, breathing organism is acutely felt in the band PULSE... the visually stunning instrumentation and eclectically beautiful music is rich in depth and interest... It is the imaginative vision of PULSE that makes it a truly timeless innovation; combining the future and past, and the mystical beauty of accidental order... a communication with the universe."
-Chantele Theroux, Phabrik Magazine

"Be prepared for an extravagant showcase of emotionally-charged music.... Wonderfully pulsating."
-Kristina de Guzman, Vue Magazine

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