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So, you’re probably asking yourself one of two questions right now:
1. What is Pusher?
2. Where the hell has Pusher been for the last eight years?

The answer to the first question is fairly simple. Pusher is a small brand that got started in 1993 and is dedicated to designing and manufacturing high quality, innovative climbing holds and climbing gear.

The answer to the second question is a little more involved. Maybe you’ve heard the stories, rumors and random gossip. But we figured that we should lay it out in the open and tell you the real story, however ugly it might be. We owe you guys at least that much.

In the late 90s and early 00s, Pusher was one of the very few companies to wholeheartedly embrace and support the bouldering and indoor climbing movements and we were growing quickly. There was an incredible amount of development, energy and innovation coming out of our shop, but the rapid expansion unfortunately meant some less-than-intelligent investments.

By early 2004, Pusher was facing dire financial problems and was forced to close shop until those bills were satisfied and reintroduction was possible. We were in a near-bankruptcy situation at that time, so placing Pusher in a kind of “dormancy” was really the best, if not the only option.

How much money was it? Let’s put it this way: the amount of money we owed could have purchased some nice beachfront property in Costa Rica. Seriously. That would have been a much less stressful option, although it would not have been the right thing to do.

Instead, we spent the next five years chipping away at those bills and debts when we had a little extra money. It was not easy. It took a long time, a lot of hard work and sacrifice. More than we can explain here. But we finally got it all dealt with in 2010.

For all of you who have been desperately missing Pusher holds and gear for the last half-dozen years, we’re sorry for the incredibly long wait. Shit happens, as they say. But we hope to make up for all the lost time with some very good news: the product is now better than ever.

All Pusher holds are now made of a special, unique polyurethane. It’s lighter weight and way tougher than our old polyester mix. We’ve brought back about half of the total Pusher line into this new collection. Some of the original holds didn’t make the cut because they had some inherent structural flaws or they were just played-out, obsolete shapes from the late 90s. But the best of the best are still here. All of it made right here in the US of A. If you don’t see some of your old favorites in this new line up, please be patient. There’s more to come.

We are also introducing a lean and detailed line of soft goods; some of them are redesigns, some are new designs you’ve never seen before, none of them copies. The Spot is back with better foam, a better pack system and new dimensions that allow a greater carrying capacity.

Our Zone Crash Pad is one of the most well thought-out pads ever made, addressing some aspects that other companies have ignored and filled with the high quality, long lasting foam. Continuing our tradition of developing not just new products, but also new concepts, there’s The Sack. And coming soon, The King Pad; the largest highball Crash Pad available.

Thanks, The Pusher Crew

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