Peter Mueller

Hamilton, Ontario

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Hey! are you "ride'n or hide'n ?"

This has been my call to action for years, I started riding motorcycles when I was twelve. Saving for a Fox mini bike by cutting lawns in the neighborhood where I grew up as a kid. Then racing motocross for a few years and even worked as an apprenticing motorcycle mechanic. Getting out to “The Ranch” riding with my friends as we have done for years …. “On any Sunday” just like the classic movie.
More recently but still a few years ago now, I also found cycling a growing passion, originally to cross train over the off season and now a year round activity has become my mainstream interest, and not just for the exercise, as I am presently pursuing the possibilities of organizing an on line Mountain Bike Community. Hamilton, Ontario is surrounded by the Niagara Escapement, we have the ideal location and an ever growing demand for mountain bike style “single track”

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