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New York's own Quad Deuce Productions was formed in 2002. Richard P. Wojcicki, Bobby Sansivero, Brian Dodd, and Brian Peterson have shared a love for filmmaking since high school. It was this combined passion that afforded them the strength and determination to shoot through bitter winters and wet summers, toting only a High 8 and hand sized DV camcorder. The Deuce has since grown into a fully equipped professional production studio, based out of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. There they work day and night to bring you the finest short form entertainment available.

Quad Deuce has filmed commercials for Ford, Nestle, Jim Beam, and others. In 2008 they were contracted to write and produce a pilot for the FX Network. They are currently developing their own web series, while pursuing various freelance projects.

Their influences range from Steven Spielberg, Akira Kurosawa, and Billy Wilder, to the Coen Brothers, Wes Anderson, Edger Wright and Sam Raimi. At any given time the Deuce has multiple project in the works, so check back soon for updates.

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