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Quadrocopter Australia !
We are the leaders of Multi-Rotor craft. We have been flying and building these things for over four years:-)
Which gives us the knowledge and know how, I am Simon Jardine the Director of Aerobot Australia.
I hope you enjoy my short videos of these flying machines!

I live in the hills of Byron Bay, Australia's most beautiful spot.

I have used Vimeo to document my journey developing stable and reliable aerial platforms for aerial photography and video. From lifting a simple Panasonic FX36 in the early days, to lifting Canon 5D camera today, I am still in awe at how quickly this technology is developing.

If you like what you see, and want to keep updated with the latest and greatest stuff then please like us on FaceBook

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  1. Very well done DJI, this looks very promising indeed. Of course just in time for Christmas !! Aerobot