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    i take pictures of people doing things.

  2. MasayaSugimura

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    Masaya Sugimura FX TD at Framestore in Montreal Linked in linkedin.com/profile/view?id=80349504&authType=name&authToken=NnKS&locale=en_US&pvs=pp&trk=ppro_viewmore sugiggyATgmail.com http://sugi-iggy.blogspot.jp/

  3. b-zOOmi

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    Video Artist, Filmmaker, archivist, observer (...) website: www.b-zOOmi.com fan page: facebook.com/b-zOOmi contact: shahab@b-zOOmi.com (further platforms) mission statement: A human´s life lasts about 30.000 days.(ideally) in hours = 720.000 in minutes = 43.200.000 in seconds…

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