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Queuepolitely are a collective of filmmakers and artists and acts as an independent, non-partisan platform for the creation, distribution and documentation of alternative political and socio-economic entertainment in a graphic novel influenced style .

Long form documentary work produced by Queuepolitely aims to evoke an experience with the intensity of fiction, whilst at the same time retaining an educational factual accuracy. We document other people’s ideas and events and attempt to wrap these in an entertaining, filmic and provocative style. meaning is evoked through the juxtaposition of sound, image and idea, as expressed by participants and relevant literature rather than the judgment or opinions of the filmmakers, who act as entertainers and facilitators. When appropriate, the consensus dictates an egalitarian truth centered approach.

Queuepolitely explore complex socio-economic issues and political narratives and give an independent voice to opinions and causes, rejected and distorted by the mainstream discourse, dark humor may also be present. The style and content has at times attracted the interest of the prevalent regimes.

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