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This is RACK DEVIL MEDIA. An outdoor production company and a division of Creekside Digital Media. RDM creates TWO outdoor web-series based in Central Pennsylvania following deer hunting, turkey hunting, and everything in between. Email us at CreeksideDigitalMedia@gmail.com for "The Drive" and at DroppinEmTV@gmail.com for Droppin 'Em.

Droppin 'Em TV - Shows it all from preparations of hunting, such as land management, scouting, and practicing, to some good old fashioned hunting showing you all the kills, misses, no shows, and the tough choice of passing one up. This show is for the every day hunter. Follow along with us and experience the hard work, the rush, the fun, the disappointment and especially, the REWARD of the outdoors. Granted Pennsylvania doesn't have huge bucks like the boys out west, but we do have some and we have fun and we hunt hard. Oh, did we mention Pennsylvania turkey hunting is some of the best and most challenging? Just so happens we love giving 'ol Toms a good dirt nap, too.

THE DRIVE follows a father and son duo through the woods in Pennsylvania. Tyler, from Droppin 'Em, and his father, Cory, will venture into Penn's Woods after big bucks and old toms. With a more film style and informative approach, THE DRIVE will be on a more personal level with the duo and will focus on the hows and whys of mother nature while showing you the beauty of the outdoors. They will take an artistic and relaxed approach in presentation to show you all that takes place in the great outdoors and why you have to have THE DRIVE to be successful in the woods.

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