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Raging River Pictures is a full service film/photography studio ran exclusively by myself, Brent Williamson. By independently producing films, I am able to offer clients extremely affordable rates, without sacrificing any artistic license. What this means for you? No compromises to story. Filmmaking for me is a true passion. Whether it be music videos, nature photography, commercial work, or simply a captivating story, you will see that there is no such thing as sacrificing the story with Raging River Pictures.

About Myself: Born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, I have called the natural state my home all of my life. I am a graduate of the University of Central Arkansas with a BA degree. I majored in Digital Filmmaking with a minor in Art, emphasized in Photography. I have done work as an intern for JM Associates (an ESPN 2 company), Outside Television, and have been contracted for business promos, as well as independent projects. I have spent the last years of my life taking advantage of every opportunity as a filmmaker that would allow me to have a lifestyle that encompasses my passions, not a job that tolerates them. Out of the last 24 months, I have lived 12 of them living out of my car just to be outside and film. I have outdoor experience as a kayaker, climber, raft guide, skier, mountain biker, etc. Though many things have changed over the last few years of my life, one thing has not; I have never stopped picking up my camera and creating stories.

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