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Raindogg (Rob Porta) grew up in Brooklyn/Long Island, NY. Highlights of Raindogg’s career include Bass player for Beyond, The Raindoggs, PA on Woody Allen’s Sweet and Lowdown, Macbeth in Manhattan (babysat Ally Sheedy’s daughter). He directed an off off Broadway play, was a runner for Wu-Tang Clan, worked as an Art Director for the Village Voice & a video editor for Apple Inc.

While in Austin Raindogg wrote and produced two albums with The Raindoggs, Produced “The Raindoggs Cabaret” Co-Produced “Tango Till They’re Sore” along with Producing Music Videos for, Kassy Key, Ali Holder, DD Dagger, Lisa Marshall, The Jake Levinson Band, Larisa Montanaro, Hotrod Hillbillies and more.

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