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Rain Li was born and raised in Beijing, China. A passion for film and TV caused her to enter the Department of Cinematography of the Bournemouth (UK) Film School at the age of 16. Rain then entered the professional film industry as an electrician/spark on short films, commercials and feature films, moving to the camera department six months later.

By age 24, she had shot 6 features, 25 short films, and numerous popular commercials, music videos and also interesting art projects, such as video installations. She has been an active cinematographer for 5 years now. Since early 2005, she has been collaborating with a cinematographer/director Christopher Doyle (‘In the Mood for Love’, ‘Hero’, ‘Rabbit Proof Fence’, Lady in the Water etc) on 12 projects to date.

She has also have collaborated with many internationally renown directors, such as Jim Jarmusch, Gus Van Sant, Mike Figgis. Her recent film “Parnanoid Park” by Gus Van Sant has received “Special Prize of International Cannes Film Festival 60th Anniversary” in 2007. She has also won the award of ’10 Best Cinematographers’ of The Year’ in 2007. She is also the creative director of the film production company, ‘Pure Film’.

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