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Oliver Schneider, lives and works in Berlin /Germany
Photographer, Freelance Art-Director and co-editor of "Actual colors may vary".

It’s sprouting color, form, light and shadow. A little emotion machine. But my hand and my head are needed to start. In my subconsciousness, I press strange buttons, choose modes and spin wheels. The obvious is boring, but maybe boring is annoying enough to be interesting. Guy Debord said: “Boredom is always counter-revolutionary” and meant that the division of private and work life produced something negative, boredom. In my spare time I love to use this black picture machine, it’s at least one tiny step to being a creator not a consumer. The camera is the extension of my mind, my brain, my experience and my eyes, I’m immersing myself in technology but I’m thinking about emotions and time. Maybe I will never see this place again.

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