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Since 1991, RMP has served clients as a creative boutique that creates socially responsible content for screens of all types. Award-winning, highly skilled and genuinely nice people, we use powerful storytelling to create positive change. Our clients include Discovery Networks, University of Phoenix, United Way, RAW TV, BBC, National Geographic, The Teaching Channel, Arizona State University and lots of others.

We are fearless artists – storytellers - who try to be good humans in this crazy world of ours. We study humanity and technology, explore the beautiful, challenge the horrid, celebrate logic and employ ethics - all to be daring and create optimal impact for our projects and clients.

Whether tackling tough issues in documentaries or TV shows, leading viewers to feel the power of need in a community (maybe even cry), or creating laughter to help sell a product that can increase efficiency and quality of life – we approach the job of ‘telling a story’ the same way. Strategic objectives guide our process and lead us to a creative direction that is focused a predetermined viewer response. Creative, transparent, collaborative and efficient - we try to bring art to every frame and smiles to every set. Please read some more about what we do at randymurrayproductions.com. Or just give us a call at 602.957.7760 and we can talk about what you are after.

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