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Graduate from "L' Institut National des Arts du Spectacle" (INSAS) of Brussels in the cinematography section, he is credited as director of photography in several films, short films, advertisings and video-clips. In 2005, he directed "Seule", his first short film, awarded with the special prize of the jury at the Celrà film festival in Spain. In the same year he also directed "La Lettre au Nègre", art film that travelled all over many festivals, among others the ArtFifa in Montreal and Sopot in Poland. In 2008 he co-directed the experimental film "Jardin Noir", shown in several museums and art galleries, among others the Angel Orensanz Foundation - Center for the Arts of New York and the Fine Arts Museum of Ghent (MSK). In parallel, he directs video-clips of various musical styles and little by little turns over to his first love, the

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