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Rashid Belt, a native of Baltimore, Maryland, has studied at the International Center for Photography in NYC and the Maryland Institute College of Art. Belt learned early in life the value of hard work and self confidence; and with a healthy dose of guidance and encouragement, the foundation was set for his artistic career. Belt started his under-graduate studies as an architecture major unaware of his affinity for photography and video. Through these studies he gravitated from engineering objects to capturing them; shooting every slice of life through pictorials.

As an experienced photographer and cinematographer, Rashid has worked on music videos, documentaries, cable network television, reality television shows and web and TV commercials.
Belt’s career is focused on cinematic storytelling through stills and motion mediums. Since 2011, Rashid has been a freelance cinematographer and photographer and has had assignments in Cyprus, Czech Republic, Poland and Peru.

Currently Rashid is working on several personal projects, which include: a documentary on Shamans and Curanderos healing patients in the Peruvian and Ecuadorian Amazon jungle; and a film on the efforts Daniel Lerner and Trina Bramahh, founders of the Sachacqua Art Center in San Roque de Cumbaza, Peru, to preserve indigenous arts and promote environmental awareness.

Belt is a yogi and advocate of holistic medicine. He loves animals, hammocks and Scandinavian design and recently completed a 40-mile hike through the Highland Amazon Jungle.

In 2013 Rashid formed The Skinny Gorillas a multimeda production company based in Downtown Los Angeles, CA.

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