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Artist: Rasta Sol
Real name : Matt G.

(MC/DJ)...of...DubStep / Dn'B / Jungle/ Hip-hop

Matthias Gautreaux is a 2009 graduate of the University of Denver, with a master’s degree in Liberal Studies; in 2005 he graduated from the University of Louisiana with a bachelor’s degree in Theater/Liberal Arts.

He is currently producing/directing a documentary concerning the evolution of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) entitled, “How the World was Dubbed Bass Music.”

Matthias’ talents are even more in depth, as he is a one man acoustic-reggae artist, singer/song writer, MC, DJ, guitarist, percussionist, dancer, breakdancer, actor, and video editor.

(Rasta Sol)
(Lafayette, Louisiana/ a.k.a. Acadiana)...

Matt (grew up in Salvador, Bahia, South America [near Brazil]..from 3 months, until 4 years old.

He also lived in Venezuela w/ his parents (on&off) for 5 years.

Thus, proud of his Latino upbringing and Latino blood... he now goes by: "Mateo."

Mateo was in a Hippy band named, "Three."
After the break-up...
(and since he was heavily influenced by Bob Marley),
Mateo began to play one-man-acoustic Reggae...
"Jah One - The Lion of Zion."

He also lived in "St. Anns Bay, Jamaica" for three months...
... up in the hills of "Windsor Heights."

A 77 year old, Jamaican, angel named, "Mr.Campbell" taught Mateo to play "Mento"
(a super early form of Reggae)
during the three month period while Mateo was living in a
20 x 20 camp that he and the local Rastamen built.

Returning to the U.S., Mateo, recorded various
Hip-Hop/Reggae albums simply as, "Jah-One."

By 1999, he entered the Drum'n Bass scene
{under the alias: M.C. Rasta}
...and recorded various D n'B sessions w/ D.J. ZSonic
(aka. DJ Soma) and D.J. X-Static
{Zack and Christina Broussard}.

The album that resulted was entitled:
"Rush'n Roll'n -Seen!"

Zack Broussard is currently under the alias:
"Dj. Party Monster" & "DJ SOMA"

Influenced by the videos & songs from the MCs from Manchester, UK - Matthias is a full-fledged...
... Dub-Step / D n' B / Jungle - MC.
Simply, known as...
Rasta Sol

As a beginner DJ...
... Rasta Sol is a unique
(and very rare)
MC/DJ, who spins using Traktor and a MacBookPro,
while stopping to flow and toast on the mic.

When chanting with (and representing) a Dj,
Rasta Sol knows when to let off the mic
(probably as well as the legendary, MC Conrad).

Rasta Sol is in tune w/ the Massive Crew and w/ the Dj, and less concerned w/ an ego trip
(i.e. he is not a materialistic MC).

PartyMonster & Rasta Sol have collaborated again since the winter of 2009, and the result is an EP entitled, "Shaman."

Thereafter, Rasta Sol released another album entitled,
"Rasta Sol - Live!"

It features his flow over Dj's such as, Bass Nectar, Breakage, Triage, and the like.

Rasta Sol's next, full-length album is due to rise up soon.

It is aptly entitled, "Every Style - seen."

Diverse styles on the album range from DubStep, Dn'B, Jungle, Minimal, House/Hip-hop, to Breaks... and...
***dig this**** Industrial/DubStep/Jungle tune entitled,
"Home Grown Revolution/OCHI-Drummer!!!"
* A super enlightening and cross-over track! *

This extremely unique track is a collaboration with the philosophical, SINthetik Messiah - the founder of Industrial DubStep and Southern Electronic Rock.

Many of the tunes from Rasta Sol's album,
"Every Style-seen"
(as well as most songs mentioned) can be found at: SoundCloud/rasta-sol

Hardcore/Irie music videos are on these sites:

Social networks:






Contact info:


What inspires you?

I am a Rastafarian. I like drum circles, herb, and I strive to be vegan.

Haile Selassie I & Bob Marley inspire me the most
(and I know that both of them are still alive).
My music will help to locate them.

How do you see yourself in the future?

I will begin an exodus - movement of Jah people, which centers on a massive tribal dance party, during the Kumba Mela in India.
This will take place around in the year 2024.

Why do you make music?

First off, I don’t make music for money...I make it for the message (like Marley taught me, through his music).

I’ve always said that I will strive to p/up where he left off
(Jah know...I have already begun).

Since when do you make music?

First, I was in a Hippy band named, “Three.”

Next, I played one-man-acoustic,
“Jah One - The Lion of Zion.”

Then, I entered simply, “Jah - One.”

Next, I began flow’n Drum n’bass as...MC Rasta.

In time I evolved into a flow’n & Dj-ing DubStep-a...
Rasta Sol.

Do you have any expectation?

In sum, I will wake everyone up,
and get them to exodus... that we can all enter a higher dimension together...
...ravers, rockers, punk-rockers, hip-hopers, hippies, Rastas & anyone w/ love.

Eventually, I will create a style of music called,
“Tribal/Jungle-Dub” and followers will wanna wear...
... hippy-look’n-space-rave-clothes.

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