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Hi all this is Great that I can now put HD quality video shorts out for the entire world to see. I have been a Photographer and Videographer for over 18 years and just updated to HD in 2006.
Expensive adventure but my clients will just love the quality. I have a Wonderful Client base in Lansing, Michigan and am finding that my life and business is changing.

SO.....Back to school for Web design. Never stop learning.

I LOVE taking Wedding Videos and my business is mostly just that.
I have a website at and it has been a work in progress as I redesign it.
I love that part of my career, if I don't know it just go back to College to learn. The Artist of what I do is still in me.
Go check out some of my works and if you’re getting married call me. I travel all over for weddings not just Michigan. Love much, Laugh often, and Live well.
Sincerely Rogerray

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