Liz el Saadany

Leiden, The Netherlands

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Why the nickname Razkall? Because I consider myself as one. A rascal, that is. Why is it misspelled? Because like my work, I want people to recognize it because it stands out from the rest by being a bit more quirky.

Worked on the feature film Pim & Pom: The Big Adventure during 2013, and I am currently finishing up my graduation film Follow Through I made for my animation bachelor study at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. Currently preparing lots of old and new work to make a showreel out of in the near future. Big big fan of 2D animation, I want to make people aware of its beauty through my work.

Want to get in touch? Send an email to liz.el.saadany [at ]!

[updated aug 2014]

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