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I'm Roberto Carbonell, Bachelor in Psychology at the Catholic University Andres Bello in Caracas, Venezuela. Given my passion for design, I decided to integrate the knowledge about psychology of perception, personality, color and publicity, to fuel my creative process.

My passion for design led me to an exploration process of the visual media as a tool to express myself, which opened the doors to develop my work in television, event design and software development. Finally, I took the determination to enroll at the Darias Institute of Design (IDDAR) to become a Visual Communicator, with a Graphic Designer mention.

Currently I am developing my skills at Sony Pictures Entertainment in the graphics department of AXN Latin America, based in Caracas, Venezuela. My work focuses on the areas of Motion Graphics, 3D (modeling, animation and rendering) and Compositing.

My interests range from Modeling, texturing, rendering and animation of 3D objects, as well as the application of knowledge in the 2D area, layout and composition to create animated sequences and advertising products in a motion piece, in an organizational environment that encourages innovation and creativity.


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