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Ryan William White, a Brooklyn based director and cinematographer, has been shooting many projects ranging from independent feature films, a television pilot featuring Director Abel Ferrera and Jerry Della Femina, to music videos and creative web based videos including a short spot for Knicks Defensive star Tyson Chandler. Ryan has been directing content for Arcade44.TV, Telemundo, Fashion TV and Creative Control while his experience has landed him jobs shooting with celebrities such as Alec Baldwin (30 Rock) and Michael Emerson (Lost). With his own feature film in the works for fall 2013 and a television pilot "Crime Lords of Sullivan Street" that is currently being shopped to networks Ryan is quickly moving up the ladder in his career. With a strong team of New York filmmakers backing him Ryan has been able to grow as a director/ cinematographer with the confidence that his projects will come out clean and original. Ryan Also founded the New York Filmmakers group "BAHMM" Which consistently produces short movies giving newbies to the industry a chance to learn to ropes and collaborate with working professionals. "I love making movies, It's hard work and its worth it."

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