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Our favorite experiences in life are great food, watching a great film, flying around the globe seeing new places or re-visiting favorites, our two pups, and of course each other. We try never to take ourselves too seriously. We almost always buy the cheesy tourist photo.

One of the things that we love most about what we do is the relationships that we develop with our couples. Being part of their wedding day is just as important to us as it is to one of their guests.

a[manda] + jeff

“HOLY SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS!!!!!!! Oh. Em. Gee guys, you are magical and magnificent!! Wizards from Hogwarts and Genies from Aladdin! Awesome, amazing, brilliant, beautiful, catchy, cool, darling, dramatic… Shall I hit the whole alphabet twice, or am I killing the compliment? For serious-land, we can’t thank you enough for your art & soul. You are an inspiring duo, and we are privileged to be on the receiving end of your combined talent. Amanda… Jeff… hats off. Tussen takk (A thousand thanks), and a thousand more well wishes. Ya’ll are ballers and shot callers. We’ll holler at you if ever we find ourselves out in Boston-town.” ~Lucy + Leif (Minnesota) 8.17.12

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