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  1. 3D Motion Graphics + 3D Compositing

    by mettle joined

    2,809 Videos / 1,634 Members

    We welcome all clips that use 3D techniques in Motion Graphics or 3D composiiting. Please identify the software you used and try to contribute via tips and tricks.

  2. Color Grading

    by Nikola Stefanovic joined

    5,360 Videos / 2,464 Members

    Color grading is the process of altering and enhancing the color of a motion picture, video image, or still image either electronically, photo-chemically or digitally.

  3. Video Installations

    by Michael Spencer joined

    1,260 Videos / 525 Members

  4. Installations

    by Justin Lincoln joined

    1,819 Videos / 687 Members

    changed from video installations. Let's include sound installations and whatever else might fit in the installation category.

  5. Music Videos

    by Sander Kloppenburg joined

    3,415 Videos / 1,271 Members

    music video

  6. music video showcase

    by Thom Valko joined

    4,598 Videos / 1,529 Members

    A collection of peoples best music videos. Showcase yours!

  7. Music video

    by Yannis Zafeiriou joined

    5,962 Videos / 1,736 Members

  8. musicvideo

    by Keith joined

    659 Videos / 12.7K Members

    This is a companion group for the vimeo channel www.vimeo.com/musicvideos . If you like this site also check out Video Militia - www.videomilitia.com - New Community-Based Blog for Music Videos,…

  9. Short Films

    by Procine joined

    58.1K Videos / 32.2K Members

    Unleash your creativity.Produce. Transform. Post. Discuss.

  10. Animation

    by Aziz Kocanaogullari joined

    60.9K Videos / 19.5K Members

  11. london motion graphics

    by Mark Hough joined

    2,234 Videos / 968 Members

    upload your showreels, movies, test renders and all that.

  12. TV Commercials

    by Zoran Petrovski joined

    3,980 Videos / 3,519 Members

    This group is for all Vimeo filmmakers, who are involved in creating of Television Commercials.

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