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REANIMATION is a collective of 4 directors//graphic designers//musicians, based in Paris and Brussels.

It is not a production company, but the gathering of 4 independent artists’ brains under a single name.

With expertise in motion-design, they operate in feature films, music videos, documentaries, title design, videogames, live performances and advertising.

They often combine various techniques such as 2D/3D animation, stop-motion, illustration, real-time motion graphics, and more. They care much about relationship between motion and sound, and enjoy the idea of a homemade lab where handmade and original pictures are being created.

Though the collective exists under this name since 2011, its members have been working together on a regular basis, since 2004.

Their inspirations : Saul Bass, Michel Gondry, Mike Patton, Studio 4°C, Darren Aronofsky...

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