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I currently work for The Walt Disney Company as a Creative Producer / Director. I have a really varied role, Producing and Directing various channel launches, brand campaigns, shoots and constantly exploring new and unique creative ideas. I really love to get stuck in with my work, pushing the boundaries and hopefully excelling in all that I do.

I get on really well with friends and colleagues alike, I'm often described as a ball of energy, hence loving to regularly swim and captain my local netball team. I'm a keen organiser, regularly planning nights out, in another life I should have been a party planner! One of my long standing passions is to travel and see the world, as every time I go away, it really opens up my eyes to the beautiful world that we live in.

My key skills and competencies include basic Self Op Camera Operator, Directing Shoots, edits and audio sessions, Script Writing, Final Cut Pro, and Managing engineers, editors and graphical designers.


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