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I am Rebeka Arce, an Art Director and Visual Designer based in Madrid working as a full-time freelancer in the fields of visual communication, brand and advertising, digital media and motion graphic design.
Living and working in different cities like Berlin, Bilbao, Barcelona and Madrid has helped me appreciate cultural diversity, especially in regards to design.
I became more aware of the need for intercultural visual communication as I realized how much I was growing as a designer and as a person because of it.
I also learned the value of establishing honest and consistent relationships with my clients since I saw that doing so inspired me to do my job better.
I am eager to further my knowledge in developing creative projects and expand my horizons in order to improve and adapt both as a designer and as an individual in a changing world.

If you want to know more, you can contact me:
You may also look at my website for further insight and examples of creative projects I developed since 2010:

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