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Call me Rose! I make speedpaints and visual novels and a webshow named the Always Smiling Cheesy Show! Huge gamer and Sonic fan! I am not into many things, Sonally is one and I also like Shadamy. But not in serious ways. I'm into writing fanfictions. I'm working on visual novels right now for youtube, which is a slow and complicated progress. I LOVE Creepypasta, so expect slightly creepy stories from me, as well as humourous and adventurous. I try to tone down romance elements since I only like a few pairings now..but tbh, many people watch fanfictions and original stories for the romantic elements. I try to appeal to all by using many "hints" rather than full blown romances (Though occassionally, I might officially pair a couple up) I write ORIGINAL AND FANFICTION stories.

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