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Freelances as a short form director, editor, compositor / effects artist, and motion graphics.

Studied digital film at the Computer Graphics College, made first music video 'Slowly Surfacing' for Inga Liljeström, and an edited the short film 'Dead Tired' in 2005. Worked in television, commercials, music video, short film, web, and corporate videos. Won numerous awards for music videos and short films.

Compositing / Animation:
ABC series - 'Good Game' & 'Good Game Spawn Point'
ABC program - 'rage - goes retro'
ABC series - ‘Double the Fist’
Ch7 series - 'Fun Facts' segment in Kid Detectives
Ch7 series - '10 Years in 10 Days’
TVCs - 'Weight Watchers'
TVCs - 'Headspace'

ABC series - Montage sequences for First Tuesday Bookclub
Short film - ‘Tommy The Kid’ (screened at Berlinale 2008)
Short film - ‘Dead Tired’
Short film - 'The Blind Passenger'

Music video - ‘Vulnerable Heart’ by She Plays
Music video - 'Slowly Surfacing' by Inga Liljeström
Music video - 'Outside' by Other Peoples Music
Short film - 'The Blind Passenger'
Short docos - 'Genocide Memoirs' and protest videos.

Inspired by the history and progression of film, of which a few feet of celluloid degraded over decades holds more context in story than 3d high-frame-rate high-definition multimillion-dollar blockbusters could ever sway. It reflects the art and societal movements over our time, the movement of thought and progression of culture. It gives rise and perspective to where we exist amongst all the crap around us today. As all art does.

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