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Shahane freelances as a short form director, editor, compositor, effects artist, and on occasion fondles with pixels in motion graphics and other stuff.

After returning from a world trip in 2001, he decided against using his marketing degree for evil but rather as an insight to human behaviour and societal interaction and expresses these reflections through video and film.

He studied Digital Film at the Computer Graphics College, Sydney, which saw his first music video 'Slowly Surfacing' for Inga Liljeström, and an editor credit for the short film 'Dead Tired' in 2005. Since then he’s worked commercially for 2 years in television, commercials, music video, short film, and numerous corporate videos. Some examples include composting for ABC’s ‘Double the Fist’, Ch7’s ’10 Years in 10 Days’, and cute animated TVC for Weight Watchers aired on New Years Day 2009. His editing work includes short films ‘Tommy The Kid’ which was screened at Berlinale 2008, and ‘Dead Tired’, a short B&W experimental film about a somnambulate murder suspect. He’s worked as Director and editor on a number of music videos including his latest work ‘Vulnerable Heart’ by She Plays, an Australian indie song looking into the damaged heart of a rock diva.

Inspired by the history and progression of film, he understands that sometimes a contextual film degraded over the decades holds more story than a current high-definition multimillion-dollar blockbuster. It reflects the art and societal movements over our time, the movement of thought and progression of culture. It gives rise and perspective to where we exist amongst all the crap around us today. As all art does.

He is now contemplating the magnitude of taking his knowledge into writing and directing a feature...

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