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REDEFINE is Southern California's newest rental house specializing in RED Cinema and Canon digital photography.

Redefine Rentals has a very simple and clear philosophy: strip the independent filmmaker of as many hurdles as possible and allow the very core of independent film — as an art and not an investment — to be realized.

As filmmakers we do not only believe in great equipment, we believe in great cinema and providing the right tools to make it a reality. We have developed our company based on what we know. Redefine doesn’t know directors like David Fincher or Peter Jackson; we know students and indie filmakers who set out with a script, a few grand, and dreams of Sundance stardom.

Let’s give the digital revolution a greater place in the history books. Not one of sensors and resolution, but one that is remembered as a time that gave every independent filmmaker the freedom to tell their story.

please visite us at:

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