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Red Flight Pictures is an international production company specializing in Film and TV entertainment. With locations in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York, Red Flight develops and produces independent films, music videos, and much more. Using cutting edge technology and groundbreaking new content, Red Flight is taking entertainment to new heights.

Our Mission.
A Dream... An Idea... A Vision. How every film begins. Your world at 24 frames a second and your choice how it starts and ends. Red Flight Pictures' mission is to develop multi-media projects that will take you on a journey to new worlds: visually, emotionally and beyond. For our viewers to leave feeling inspired, informed, or just entertained. To reach for the impossible, to touch what hasn't been touched, and make a difference. To make real films and create real art that people can feel. Red Flight Pictures' goal is to impact the film industry in ways that it has never seen.

History of Red Flight Pictures
Our team began in the early months of 2009 and soon developed into the team we are today. We are a group of creative individuals who come together to form Red Flight Pictures. Each of us, hold a different piece of the puzzle, and together we hope to create unique films that break through the boundaries of independent film

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